Courses in Konstanz:
To find out about our courses please visit the LSF.

Our department (the department of Psychology) mainly offers courses taught in German but there are also a couple courses taught in English. Of course you would have access to them as a visiting student! You could choose from both programs, Bachelor  as well as Master courses would be available to you (to attend a Master course, you should be at least in your 5th semester of your Bachelor degree). Classes taught in German require good language skills as our students mainly receive credits for giving presentations, leading discussions etc. Our experience taught us that a language level of at least B2 is necessary, so that you would profit from the class.

Please note that the courses that are taught change every semester. Usually the professors and their staff offer courses in their area of research interest, so it is likely that courses with similar topics will be offered, but we cannot promise anything.  A detailed list for the upcoming autumn semester will be online by the end of August (summer semester by the end of February 2017). Until then, the lists of past summer/winter semesters can serve a good estimates, but no guarantee.

Semester terms and Exam period:
About our semester terms – our semester is slightly different. Usually our erasmus students mainly stick to courses taught in English (due to the language barrier) and these are mostly seminars which require presentations, class participation, discussion or essays to receive course credits. For these, it is highly likely that you are done with all the work by the end of the last session, or you would have to hand in essays which do not necessarily require that you are still in Konstanz. Final exams of big lectures (which are taught in German) will take place after the last session, which means end of February/beginning of March for the winter semester and August for the Summer semester.

I would also recommend to contact your erasmus coordinator and ask for contacts of students who have already spent a semester in Konstanz – they can probably give you first-hand information about how to manage this timetable issue best!

Learning agreement:
When you decide to do a semester in Konstanz with Erasmus, you will have to do a learning agreement where you specify the classes you want to take (you may have come across this practice in the Erasmus program, and your Erasmus coordinator surely is very familiar with it). Please use courses of the past winter semester for that – we will sign it and then would simply do changes to the agreement when the actual courses are out and you updated your choice. You can send us the Learning Agreement as a PDF scan via Mail we will sign it and send it back to you.


Here you can find helpful Guidebooks: